Protect Blend



Allow the soft, spicy scent of cinnamon hearts to flow over you and give you protection from mental and neural problems, like memory loss, depression and anxiety. This blend of cinnamon, clove bud, rosemary, cedarwood, lavender, lemon and eucalyptus creates a powerful aromatherapy experience that helps improve memory, stimulates your mind and calms any anxieties or stress that comes with daily life. Studies show that rosemary and lavender together are the best for chronic stress; cedarwood, eucalyptus and lemon improve focus; rosemary, cinnamon and clove bud improve brain function, boost mental activity and combat potential neurological issues in the future. Diffuse a few drops of water in your ZAQ Aromatherapy Diffuser at any time during the day to regenerate mind, body and soul.

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